Cryotherapy involves the application of extremely cold liquid nitrogen to ‘freeze’ and kill small skin masses such as warts, small cysts and other lesions. Cryotherapy is often used in places where surgery may not be as feasible, such as to remove small skin masses around the face or on the gums of the mouth.

The cryotherapy process involves the target tissue and cells being frozen, causing the tissue to scab up and slough off, and sometimes a small amount of scar tissue may remain.

Depending on the condition being treated, animals requiring cryotherapy will usually still require a short anaesthetic, and your vet will explain more about what’s involved specific to your pet’s condition. Depending on the type of skin mass being targeted, one session of cryotherapy may be sufficient, or sometimes additional sessions may be required.

If you have any questions about cryotherapy and whether it is of potential use for your pet, speak with one of our friendly veterinary team.

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